INfiber at Fishers City Hall

Carol Marlin's 200 theme quilt

Carol Marlin’s 200 theme quilt

INfiber, an Indianapolis area fiber arts group of which I’m a member, is holding an exhibit at Fishers City Hall.  The exhibit area is spacious to allow the group to put several pieces from each member.  Members did pieces specific for Indiana’s bicentennial this year.  Entitled 200: Threads of time, the challenge pieces all had a bicentennial or 200 theme and received the Indiana Bicentennial’s official endorsement.















The following are a few from the 200: Threads of Time Indiana Bicentennial portion of the exhibit.


Jerri Warner (top) Joan Webb (bottom)


Monica Vogel


Audrey McFarland (left) Mary Strinka (right)


Joan Webb


Ann Luther


Barbara Triscari Bicentennial Orchid rust and ink wholecloth

We had a small grouping of Indianapolis themed quilts.






Here are my pieces (other than Bicentennial Orchid which is pictured above with the Bicentennial themed quilts) that are in the exhibit.

Here is a small sampling of the rest of the exhibit.  It is an honor to be a part of such a talented group of fiber artists.  Fishers City Hall: 1 Municiple Drive, Fishers, Indiana.  Open business hours and during special events.  June 6 -July 30 2016



Ann Luther (left) Jeri Warner (both on the right)


Judy Ireland


Leigh Leighton


Mary Strinka

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