I have been working mostly on small scale quilts over the last few years because I have been focusing on challenges from many different directions.  I am looking forward to refocusing more on medium and larger sized pieces in the next couple of years.  I have enjoyed the small quilts because it is easy to expand my arsenal of techniques and because working within the constraints of challenges I have been stretched to do things I would not have come up with in the normal course of my work.  Here are some small challenge quilts.


I have also been working with rust.  I enjoyed working with rust in surface design in the past, but when I had a particular patterning that I wanted to replicate I had to find new techniques to achieve what I wanted.  I have been thermofax screen printing with iron powder (Controlled Rusting: Create photo-realistic rusted images, in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts) and am working on other resist methods of working with it as well and really enjoying the fabrics and pieces that I am creating.  Here are some rust quilts.

I also am looking forward to getting back into some larger pieces that incorporate leather.  I have one piece ruminating in my mind now that is itching to get out.  Here are some leather quilts.



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