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I adore Quilting Arts Magazine and from the day that I found them, several years ago I found my home for art quilting. I cancelled all other subscriptions.  I love the beautiful quilt art in the magazine and that they are constantly finding artists who are pushing the boundaries in an ever expanding medium.  The techniques that their contributors come up with and the quilts they publish are amazing.  I also quickly picked up their sister magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, from the first issue.


I am so proud to say that I have had some pieces printed in both magazines through their reader challenges and swaps.  After many trials and tribulations I came up with a technique to print with rust using thermofax screens and it is now published!  I hope you will check out the magazine.  It is out for subscribers now, but will hit newsstands for the Oct/Nov 2013 issue.  I hope to have another rusting article printed.  You can see the quilt, Wrangled Rust, that I made for the article hererusting245lgInt.

Quilting Arts has expanded and pushed me to try so many new things.  I enjoy doing their reader challenges because they are small pieces that you can experiment with new techniques.  Their challenges have led me to many things I would not have pushed myself to try under normal circumstances.  Thank you Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors!

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3 Responses to Quilting Arts Magazine

  1. angie says:

    Barbara, I too love Quilting Arts and your article just floored me. I love rusting and screen printing and never knew I could put them together. I immediately ordered some iron powder to give this a try.

    But I am having one problem. My fabric is rusting all around my printed image, but the image itself is not rusting. Can you give me any pointers?

    TIA, Angie

    • Barbara Triscari says:

      Angie, I am not sure but that sounds like the results I got using the screen printing as a resist and then sprinkling the powder on, rather than using the print paste as a carrier to print it. Are you mixing the iron powder into the print paste? And keeping it moist? It will halo because the rust will travel along the wet fabric, but you should have a distinct printed image! I would suggest blogging about it or sending me a couple of pictures so I can see it. You may just need to keep it moist longer. In what part of the country are you? (climate can play a big part in the process). Keep in touch and we’ll figure it out! Barbara

  2. angie says:

    Barbara, thanks for responding. I emailed you a picture. I think I may have kept it too moist. Let me know what you think.

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