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I have a dear group of friends that I met in Italy and spent many Thursdays getting together to be creative and to go on day trips when we all lived there a couple of years back.  Now we are scattered throughout the US and some of us get together via Skype most Thursdays for a group video creative session.

Last week I decided to just play rather than to work on something already started.  I pulled out the wooden tjap I bought over the summer.  It is a wooden printing/batiking block that is carved with a design.  I thought it was high time I tried it out.  I had some scraps of already hand dyed fabrics and had fun!  I could have gone on all day, but had some other painting I wanted to try. 


I painted over scissors, pins, and more sewing paraphenalia but wasn’t overly thrilled with the results like I was when I did it with antique Italian keys.  I also overpainted some previously painted fabric in hopes of some indoor sunprinting and although it is pretty, it did not sunprint.

I always have a good time catching up with my friends and exchanging ideas as we work.  I can’t wait to show you what I worked on yesterday during our skype session!

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4 Responses to Skype Scambio

  1. Trinia says:

    oh wow, these look great….guess I will have to get mine out and try it too! Did you use it like a stamp with paint? did you use any wax or resist? I love that we can skype and stay in touch and share our projects!!

    • Barbara Triscari says:

      I did stamp with fabric paint. Today I used thickened dye and can’t wait to wash it out and iron it tomorrow. Photos soon! About to post pics of another one using corn syrup as a resist.

  2. teodo says:

    ho visto il tuo nome che mi sembra italiano, sul blog di Melanie Testa e sono arrivata da te.
    Sono felice di leggere che hai vissuto in italia e che ti è piaciuto tanto.
    il tuo book è molto bello e mi piace la tua passione per le porte.

    • Barbara Triscari says:

      Mille grazie, Linda. Mi manca l’Italia di tutti i giorni e hanno molte fotografie di porte italiane al lavoro in arte. Barbara

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