Another Batch from the Dye Studio

Wooden stamp with corn syrup resist

It is fun to have dedicated time to go to the Indy Art Center for dye class.  Bobbie Vance has a wealth of knowledge and shares it generously.  Not to mention, she is fun and encouraging.  As are my classmates.

So last week I wanted to get some yardage dyed and did 10 yards.   I did some Navy,

some reds (mixing warm and cool reds),


did some more stamping (flowers at top of post) , some snow dyeing,

some thermofax screen printing using a screen of hail,

top yellow parfait

bottom green parfait

middle red parfait

and tried the parfait method of layering three pieces of fabric each with a different color and then the dye transfers from one to the other with little transfer on the top and lots of transfer to the bottom.  I enjoyed doing it and will definitely be doing more of it because it gives such nice color mixing and splotches.  A very productive week!

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2 Responses to Another Batch from the Dye Studio

  1. Trinia says:

    That parfait stuff is pretty cool…sounds like an interesting technique to try!! Love the fabrics you are getting from this…can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Everything looks amazing! I especially love the parfait method!

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