Leaded Glass Window

A lifelong friend asked to commission a stained glass window for her historic home addition to fill the window in her bathroom that would no longer be an outside window.   I was touched by her faith in my abilities, but hadn’t done anything that large or at all since high school!  I took a deep breath and told her yes.  Then I called my mom who used to do stained glass and who was planning a trip out to visit and asked if she would take it on with me.  She said yes and took off running when she got here.

We went to Kokomo Opalescent Glass which is about an hour from me (what a treat!) where they still make art glass sheets using old methods and have been in business since 1888.

mom designed the piece with magnolias to coordinate with her black and white checkerboard pattern in the border of her tile and with the pink of the rest of the bathroom tiles.  We planned for mostly opaque glass as there will not be any natural light.  The contractor is going to back light it.

I haven’t delivered it to her yet, but sent a photo and she was thrilled.  It makes me happy that I will be contributing to her beautiful historic home!  Thanks for your vision and faith in me, Amy!  Thanks to my mom for making it stress free and doing so much!  Now I want to make a couple of pieces for myself, also.

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