More Layers with Thermofax Screens

screened palazzo dei diamante

I have been having fun with my thermofax screens and what is better than a bunch of thermofax screens?  More thermofax screens.  Tee hee hee.  I ordered some more and we were able to have a few from our class fee.  Yippee!  These are some more of the first batch of screens.

original photo of Palazzo dei Diamante

The triangle screen is from a photo I took in Ferrara a few years ago.  I was walking along snapping shots of doors, windows and more when we passed a building with some protruding pyramids all over the facade.  As I described it to my skype friends who lived in Italy at the same time, Iris popped up with “Piazza dei Diamante!”  I googled and verified with awe that she could come up with that from my description of the building!  Well, I didn’t realize it is a very famous palazzo, I just loved the texture!   I took the photo and manipulated it to get a nice graphic black and white image good for making the screen.  I am enjoying using it in multi layers with some color mixing.  Then some different screening on top.



The snow decolored piece was calling out for some more hail, so I thickened some bleach.

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