Mary Ann Van Soest’s Studio Tour

I had a lovely day at Mary Ann Van Soest’s Quilt Studio.  She has a large space in the home she and her husband built on their large, beautiful property in northern rural Indiana.  She was such a gracious host!  She treated us to a delicious home made meal and we enjoyed sitting around the dining table chatting and being spoiled!

MAVS6293StudioWebA part of Mary Ann’s studio.  So well organized!

Mary Ann is full of energy and had project after project in progress and even more set up for an open house next weekend.  She does a wonderful and professional job of marketing and presenting her works!  Brava Mary Ann!  She also paints and her paintings are beautiful as well.

MAVS6297GalleryWebPaintings and quilts on display

I enjoyed seeing how she uses interesting techniques to incorporate her photos into the quilt instead of just having a rectangular photo.  I struggle with ways to help integrating photos successfully and artfully into my pieces.  Some mental notes were definitely taken while there!

MAVS6291QuiltWebThe buildings are all photographs in this quilt.

I enjoyed the company of my artist friend, Judy for the drive up north and back home.  She showed some mixed media pieces to us during show and tell.

MAVS6300JudyWeb                  Judy showing and telling

Show and Tell is always wonderful, but I enjoyed that we all took our time to talk somewhat in depth about our processes used to help introduce ourselves to one another.  This was a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Assoc) event and it was nice to meet some more Indiana artists.  I enjoyed bringing a piece that took some inspiration from our last SAQA member studio tour to Peggy Brown’s studio in southern Indiana.  It was in progress but I felt that since it related to the last tour I wanted to talk about that one.  Thanks Peggy!  I also brought along the Quilting Arts issue and the little challenge piece Pisa Passage since last time I was only able to say the article was coming soon but had the quilts along.


Mary showing a quilt using airbrushing.  I just adored all of the art that Mary Ann and her husband have collected and display throughout the house!

Thank you, Mary Ann!  I had a wonderful time!

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