Snow Dyeing

I was so busy in December that I didn’t have time to do any snow dyeing.  I was not going to let that happen again in January!  So I scooped up the little bit of snow we had one day (much more fell after that for days) and off I went.

first layer of scrunched fabric

first layer of scrunched fabric

I placed a scrunched even layer of fabric in the bottom of a plastic tub to catch drips from the top layer of fabric.  Why waste some good activated dye, right?!






Then a plastic shelf rack that holds the top layer of scrunched fabric.

second layer with snow

second layer with snow








Next is the snow and sprinkled powder dyes which will liquify and drip down with the melting snow to make wonderfully patterned fabric.

sprinkled dye powder on snow

sprinkled dye powder


You want to make sure that the fabric gets up to 70 degrees to give the dye the best setting possibilities.   I usually set my tub on top of my running dryer after all of the snow has melted and then wash it out the next day.







So easy and so beautiful!  This one is the top fabric and is cotton bed linens. snowDyeing67Web snowDyeing66Web
















And this is the second fabric which was just soaking up the extra dye!  I love this one!!

snowDyeing52web snowDyeing50WebI did it two more times and am thinking I’m going to try some silk next.  In fact the batch waiting to wash out in the laundry room has a couple of silk scarves, but I want to try some silk yardage and a couple of different silks.

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