A Christmas Jumpstart

While visiting my parents in Oregon for my dad’s 70th birthday, I found some snap jewelry findings and some bone skulls to make jewelry for my nieces and daughter for Christmas.  One of my nieces likes skulls, as you can see.  The snaps are interchangeable and I put them on leather.   SnapJewelry2622blogLilySnap3595web


So then I needed something for my sister’s birthday and I debated making a scarf and then thought that a necklace would be faster so I could get it off in the mail in time for Christmas.  I used a pendant I bought on MChris2660bdy14blogurano.


That got me started doing some silver chain pieces.  I have a couple more that I want to do with the silver chain yet.  silverMuranodots3151Web  The first one has some Murano beads I got at Abilmente.



This one has some Murano beads I got at an Italian thrift shop.SilverMuranoGreen3405blog

And the last one has Murano beads that are pearl finished and I searched for those after buying a favorite necklace in Venice that has them.  I finally found a bunch of colors at Abilimente.    Now I need to wear them somewhere!


















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