Antique Murano Beads

PazzolaSB3867int PiazzolaSB3913int

I finally used a few of my favorite Murano beads in a necklace.  I kept looking at some other vintage beads and contemplating making a necklace but not quite feeling like it would be special enough.  I finally thought of the Murano beads I picked out of a giant serving bowl at the Piazzola sul Brenta antique market in the Veneto of Italy.  I must have spent an hour scouring through that bowl picking out all that I could find of these beauties that almost glow from the gold layer inside.  I wasn’t sure they would work so well with the silver, but I found a few of them had silver instead of gold and used mostly those.  They have a frosted finish.


















The Piazzola sul Brenta market is one of the largest antique markets in Europe and is quite fabulous.  The market is in the town square just outside of an amazing villa: Villa Cantorini.  It also stretches along some streets and in some buildings.  The link will take you to an Italian website, but the pictures show you the villa and the market.  We spent many afternoons  at the monthly market looking for treasures as we were very fortunate to live only about 20 minutes from it.




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