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Yesterday I met up with the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) of Indiana at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) for the opening of a new textile exhibit of fashion with the Curator Niloo Paydar.   While I am not a big fashion fan, I do love fiber and textiles and getting together with others who love them as well.  I really enjoyed the unusual, interesting, and beautiful collection that Niloo put together.  It was basically chronological.  The lighting was dramatic spotlighting the clothing while keeping the walls and the rest of the room fairly dark.  So, while my pictures of people not in the spotlights didn’t turn out well, the clothing was well lit to photograph.


Entering the exhibit with a glow in the dark pantsuit by Stephen Sprouse.

We met for lunch at the IMA cafe which is one of my favorite places to eat.  Always fresh and delicious.  We discussed the upcoming SAQA exhibit that will be at the IMA next year.  The call for entry is here and is open to SAQA members in these states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, and Tennessee.  It is an artist response to Marie Webster’s quilts.  It will be in conjunction with an exhibit of Marie’s quilts in the textile department.

Every year SAQA has an auction of 12″x12″ quilts.  You can see my leather quilt: Bee Play II here.  The quilt I donated last year now resides in Paris.  I hope my bee lands in another good home this year as both quilts have bees on them.  I may need to continue that unintentional theme.


A zipper vest by Martin Margiela.


The clothing ranged from recycled, to paper, to satirical, to haute couture.  They were all beautiful and all interesting.    Here is a vest made from reused zippers.  I know my daughter is going to love this one.










Niloo Paydar the textile curator

Niloo Paydar the textile curator














Niloo told us about different ways they acquire articles.  One way is through donations,

such as this hand painted and hand made dress by Zondra Rhodes that Niloo donated.

Niloo's donation

Niloo’s donation




Looking at Moschino leather purses


Moschino leather purses


Another piece by Moschino: Dinner Jacket with utensil docorations















listening to Niloo discuss the exhibit

Some of the group listening to Niloo discuss the exhibit in the Japanese section

Rei Kawakubo's unique gloved ensemble

Rei Kawakubo’s unique gloved ensemble

I had an enjoyable afternoon and hope that if you are in the area you will stop by the Indianapolis

Museum of Art to see Cutting Edge.  The pictures I shared here are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are some others posted on my Facebook page Barbara Triscari, which is public, so you don’t have to friend me to just check out the pictures of the exhibit.

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