19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana’s Past and Present exhibit at the Indiana State Museum

I visited the 19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana’s Past and Present exhibit at the Indiana State Museum and enjoyed seeing the beautiful quilts curated by Mary Jane Teeters-Eichacker where she chose 19 historic star quilts and 19 contemporary star quilts.  Indiana was the 19th state to join The Union and next year is the state’s bicentennial.  What a great way to get Hoosiers thinking of our upcoming 200th year, since quilts have been an integral part of Hoosiers’ lives.

As a quilter I love looking at all styles of quilts.  Although I am an art quilter, I can appreciate the love and labor that goes into making any quilt and enjoy a glimpse into another quilter’s brain through his/her design choices.  Given all of the quilting time in the world, I would try many, many styles of quilting.  But, alas I don’t have that time and I have to prioritize my choices and art quilts generally win out.  That being said, I enjoy seeing the contemporary quilts of the present than those of the past.  So I chose to hone in on the quilts from the present to share today, and art quilts by in particular.  Here are three talented Hoosier artists’ quilts.


Starry Knight by Ellen Anne Eddy

ISM19stars8643EAEddyInt ISM19Stars8641EAEddyInt


Penny Sisto had two.  Frances Slocum’s Landscape and Frances Slocum’s Totem

Frances Slocum’s Landscape.  Oops.  I forgot to get a whole shot!  So here are two details.


ISM19stars8661PSisto ISM19stars8660PSisto

Frances Slocum’s Totem

ISM19stars8694PSistoTotemInt ISM19stars8693PSistoTotemInt

Linda Gray’s Nineteen Stars for the Nineteenth State

ISM19stars8690LGrayInt ISM19stars8687LGrayInt

The types of quilts, though all are stars or have a star in them somewhere, are varied, beautiful, and interesting.  I hope you will go to the ISM and see the exhibit if you are in the Indy area.

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