Supermoon Eclipse

SupermoonEclipse2005qtrWe have had such beautiful weather lately with lots of blue skies that I was a little surprised to find out we were very cloudy for the Supermoon Eclipse!  I was so disappointed that I was unable to see most of the eclipse.  But there was a short period of the beginning we could see.  Then only a little of the full eclipse.  SupermoonEclipse2132full

I have a nice camera that I upgraded to last Christmas, so I was anxious to see how I could do with it.  I tried lots of different settings and enjoyed seeing the variety of shots the camera got depending on the settings.  From huge haloing, to red, to fairly detailed when there was hardly anything I could see with the naked eye.SupermoonEclipse2021qtrc
























SupermoonEclipse2152BloodMoonThese three are the same photogaph.   The first (above) is pretty true to what I could see.  The second was adjusted for color.   The third was adjusted levels.  I thought it was interesting that it went to red white and blue.  I have decided to call it USA Supermoon Eclipse.

SupermoonEclipse2152BloodMoonaSupermoonEclipse2152usaMoonI think the next one is in 2018, so I’ll hope for better weather then.

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